Cracking value SIM from Asda this Christmas

ASDA Mobile have something of a Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle, a rolling 30 day contract that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 20GB of data for just £10! Easily one of the best deals online at the moment, Asda operates on the EE network so if EE is strong in your area then this is a great deal for you. It is worth pointing out that there is a “sounds too good” notion here, the data is limited to the 3G network, not 4G. You will be fast, but not as fast as you could be.

This is a great solution for folks visiting the country for the holidays, a family member who might not be interested in the fastest speeds or a kid who uses copious amounts of a data watching Youtube videos.

As the instructions say, if you are already an Asda Mobile customer then text MEGA to 2732. Not on Asda mobile? Order a SIM today and you can start taking advantage of this deal in just 5 days time.

This offer is valid from 4/11/16 to 31/12/2016.

Hope someone finds it useful.

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