Sennheiser CX 6.00 Review

The sun rises in the East, Tuesday follows Monday, death, and taxes, some things are just a given. Like when you receive a new set of Sennheiser headphones, you know they are going to sound great.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with the Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT in-ear wireless headphones and they have, rather predictably, followed the trend. Two things I notice straight from the box – 1) how ridiculously lightweight they are and 2) just how they good they sounded without any burn-in time. Despite weighing in at a mind-blowing 14g, they don’t feel at all flimsy. I’ve had many Sennheiser headphones over the years and I have noticed that there tends to be a weak point where the thin cable joins the earpiece, however with the CX 6.00, the flat cable used feels much more robust and is well reinforced at the earpiece. They’re a nice looking unit too, finished in black, grey with attractive midnight blue accents. Subtle and sleek. They are packaged in a plastic case which is nice, although considerably less practical than a carry case or even a soft pouch.

Pairing is a simple affair and when switched on, they connect to your device quickly. The entire set is just over 60cm in length between earpieces, which should suit most folks. Suspended 6cm below each earpiece is a small block, the right one houses the standard 3 control buttons, microphone and charging port, the left presumably contains the battery or Bluetooth receiver. I found these a little oddly placed, they seemed too close to the earpieces and felt like some kind of weird dangly earrings. I did get used to it and forgot all about them until I say my reflection in a window. When you use them to make or receive a call, the high placement begins to make sense. The audio quality of the microphone is outstanding, so much so that the person I was speaking to didn’t even realise I was on a hands-free device! There was no delay whatsoever and as you’d expect, the sound coming through to me was clear as a bell. The only thing I found off-putting was that, with the potent noise isolating capabilities of CX 6.00’s, having both earpieces in made my voice resonate in my head which was really distracting. I just removed the left earpiece and all was well. Simple fix. I can honestly say that I have never had a headset that handled calls so well.

Sound quality on music playback is every bit as good as I’ve come to expect from Sennheiser, what took me by surprise is just how good they sounded right out of the box. The sound has a fantastic amount of detail and a beautifully balanced, dynamic sound that has just a hint of bias towards treble. It’s a great sound profile that seems to fit a wide range of music styles. Thankfully the featherweight design does not come at the expense of the sound quality. I was very happy to note that the volume increase has much more gradual increments than many Bluetooth headsets I have tested, which enables you to select a comfortable level instead of settling for slightly too loud or quiet.

So they’re perfect? Well, no, not quite. Although to be fair the complaints are fairly minor and may well be down to personal taste. I found that when I wore the set with the cable behind my neck, the rubbery covering of the cable had a grabbing effect on your skin that meant that when you move your head, the cable would pull slightly and if the little rubber tips on the earpieces aren’t a perfect fit, they can pull loose in your ear. Whether or not this problem rectifies itself once the rubber gets a good coating of skin oil, is something that only time will tell. You could always wear them with the cable under your chin but (aside from attracting odd looks) there is just enough weight in the unit to again have you securing the earpieces regularly. Also, with the control buttons so close to your ear, I found that if I was to press any of them, I would have to re-snug the earpiece every time. Honestly, though, none of these are anything more than minor niggles and personal taste.

One curious “glitch” I did discover in my testing was that if you switch apps (using an iPhone 7), say from Spotify to YouTube, the sound does not switch automatically as other Bluetooth headphones do. Starting a video would cut the music from Spotify but would not play the audio from the video. I found that I would have to pause Spotify first, then open YouTube at which point the sound would work. Very odd indeed. Speaking of watching YouTube, there is a very slight (and I do mean very slight) delay with the audio sync which is common with most Bluetooth headsets, although with the CX 6.00’s it’s definitely a heck of a lot closer than most of the ones I’ve tried. Just enough to notice it’s not quite right, but not bad enough to make video watching unbearable.

So the golden question is “are these headphones worth the £89.99 (current Amazon price) asking price?” I would have to say it’s an easy yes. The sound quality is outstanding, the call handling is as good as you could ever hope for, and I cannot fathom how they managed to create a device with 6-hour battery in something that weighs 14g?! I smell witchcraft!

Buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

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