MGCOOL Wave – Now enjoy CD like Audio in High Definition, on the go

MGCOOL has come out with its first ever Bluetooth earphones called ‘Wave’. The earphones which are specifically designed for High-Quality Audio and hands-free comfort come with Bluetooth version 4.1, EDR technology, CSR 8365 Chipset, IPX7 waterproof rating and High Definition Stereo Sound.

One of the highlights of MGCOOL Wave is its High Definition Stereo Sound, enabled with the help of ATP-X lossless audio technology. This advanced technology minimises audio loss while transferring it over Bluetooth. The technology uses compressing mechanisms to reduce audio loss while streaming over the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth thereby giving its users high fidelity and great sound quality.

With ATP-X Technology you can experience CD-like audio quality as it reproduces the full audio bandwidth, thereby giving you pure music in its original form. Also, the low audio coding delay helps with latency and syncing issues thereby reducing your syncing problems.

The exquisite structure of MGCOOL Wave earphones helps in magnifying the stereo sound experience and enhancing the clarity of the audio both for your music and calls. The unique sound chamber design and singular interior structure aids to the performance of the High Definition Stereo Sound.

The CVC6.0 Noise reduction technology is an added bonus in these earphones. This noise reduction and suppression technology from Qualcomm help you to reduce the background noise and deliver crisp and clear audio without the surrounding chaos. This helps your conversations to be crystal clear and your music uninterrupted.

Finally, the combination of this advanced audio technology along with the sophisticated design and CVC technology, gives you great performance and quality for both treble and bass tones, thus ensuring unadulterated and pure music experience.

All in all, for the music lovers out there, MGCOOL Wave brings out the truest, purest and sharpest form of music, with its HD stereo sound, thereby bringing you as close as possible to the original musical score.
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