Prepare for the holiday season with the best electronic gadgets with reichelt elektroniks

Heading off this Summer? Have a look at reichelt electroniks for some handy gadgets to make your holiday all the more relaxing. From keeping your phone powered up on the beach to controlling the local insect population reichlet has you covered. Check out the selection of products below:

Travel Adapters

A travel plug adapter is an essential item for any traveller. With plug sockets varying across the globe, you want to make sure you can plug in your phone charger or hair dryer in any country. If you need an adapter with two or three connections, the reichelt online shop has a wide range of plugs to ensure you can stay charged up.


This mobile charger can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag to keep your devices powered up throughout the day. Not only is this device stylish, it includes an integrated LED torch. It can charge iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, GPS devices, cameras and many other USB devices. This power pack can be charged via a USB power adapter or computer USB port.

Solar charger

For those who like to go on remote getaways, the Solar Module light weight textile packs that use solar energy to recharge everything from GPS devices, cameras to mobile phones are a great option.  Special sets are available for mountain hikes or trekking, for example, the Phaesun Modul Fly Weight 2×3, which weighs just 250g. This model can be easily attached to backpacks. 

Sound wave insect repellent

Insects can be a bug-bear for many travellers, especially when camping in the wilderness. The sound-wave insect repellent uses ultrasonic technology to repel insects in a 20 square metre radius. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t require chemicals or vapours.

Gardigo UV flying insect Annihilator

Or, if you want to be more vigilant against annoying critters, you can opt for an insect exterminator such as the Gardigo UV flying insect annihilator. Hang and plug in the flying insect annihilator then the insects are lured by the UV light and destroyed by the high-voltage grid.



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