Never lose your pet with Vodafone V-Pet

Vodafone introduces Kippy into its new V-Pet category – a GPS tracker which is connected to its network with a V-Sim by Vodafone. For just £50 (then £4 per month V-Pet service fee), Kippy alerts you the moment your pet wanders off – with its easy-to-use features, Kippy really is a stroke of genius! It allows you to relax, knowing your pet is safe and happy – even when you’re not nearby!

Kippy is a personalised activity monitor which tells you how much time your pet has spent playing, exercising and sleeping so you can immediately check that they are happy and healthy. You’ll even receive alerts if your pet is less active than normal or hasn’t met its daily walking goal!

The ingenious Safe Zones feature means Kippy can learn your ‘safe’ limits and will alert you immediately if your pet strays beyond it. So, if your cat or dog loves to disappear, you can now relax – Vodafone’s V-Pet will put your mind at rest by pinpointing exactly where they are.

Kippy is part of the new V by Vodafone range of connected devices. This brings together and connects all kinds of smart devices for every part of your life – allowing you to track or monitor your pet, car and even your home while you’re away – all through an app on your smartphone.

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