Adonit Introduces its Windows Exclusive INK Pro Business Stylus to the UK

Leading stylus manufacturer, Adonit, is today pleased to announce the UK availability of INK Pro – a fine point stylus with a built in microphone to support Cortana voice command, created exclusively for Windows powered tablets and devices with business users in mind. The INK Pro is available for £79.99 from Amazon with Prime delivery.

Certified by Microsoft, the Adonit INK Pro provides a turnkey stylus solution to any Windows device and is the perfect business accessory with Cortana compatibility. Simply connect to the INK Pro via Bluetooth and write and draw in exquisite detail with the INK Pro’s 1mm fine point tip that is both replaceable and streamlined. Featuring a pressure sensitive tip, the Adonit INK Pro emulates real handwriting with lines appearing thicker or thinner depending on how hard the stylus is pressed whilst drawing or writing. Notes, brainstorms and other designs can be created as naturally as if using pen and paper.

Fast paced business meetings and note taking can be much neater with the handy palm rejection feature that allows users to write naturally and comfortably without worrying about extra marks on the page or PowerPoint slide. If a mistake in notes is made, the two shortcut buttons on the INK Pro allow for easy right clicking and erasing.

With 80 hours of battery life or 24 hours of continuous use and chargeable with any micro USB, travelling with INK Pro could not be more convenient. Users can easily take notes, sketch or brainstorm whilst on long plane, train or car journeys and have no concerns about battery life with the INK Pro. Whilst the stylus is kept at a desk, the magnetic charging dock allows charging to be simple and tidy.

Featuring a built-in microphone and supporting Cortana voice command, it is ideal to use when in a boardroom for seamless business meetings or just for use in the office. Using Cortana with the stylus can allow users to create notes, find out schedule detail, to translate languages and many other actions simply with voice commands. The INK Pro also includes up and down page buttons to easily switch to the next slide during a presentation with the front-end design laser pointer allowing for points to be clear. Ideal for the modern business-person, the stylus will make the perfect partner for pitches, reports and daily business activity.

Versatile apps

Whether in a boardroom meeting, a presentation, in the office or working from home, the INK Pro makes life more convenient for any business person. Using apps such as PowerPoint and OneNote, handwritten notes can be taken as if using pen and paper. If looking for a more creative use, the Ink Pro works with apps including Sketchpad, Autodesk SketchBook and Fresh Paint allowing users to create sketches, illustrations or brainstorm diagrams. A full list of apps available for Windows INK can be found here.

Technology offers endless opportunities to streamline life and work, and a stylus brings an added level of convenience. Adonit INK Pro combines a high quality and on-trend design with the essential accessory needed for any business person and Windows user.

Windows Compatible

INK Pro was created exclusively for Windows powered tablets and 2-in-1 devices and is compatible with many Asus, Dell, HP and Microsoft devices including the Surface range. For a full list of devices that the INK Pro will work with, please see here.

Adonit INK Pro is available in Black and White for £79.99 from Amazon . See more on Facebook @ Adonit Europe. 


  • Compatible with Windows Tablets & 2-in-1 laptops
  • Palm rejection
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Presentation mode and shortcut buttons
  • Cortana voice enabled
  • Laser pointer
  • 1mm fine point tip
  • Charging dock

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