V-Bag by Vodafone – Security in the bag

The Alcatel MOVETRACK is a brand-new GPS bag tracker, connected to the Vodafone network with a V-Sim by Vodafone. If you’re travelling and want peace of mind when leaving your bag on a luggage rack or if you simply want to know you can pinpoint your belongings at home exactly when you need them, then the Alcatel MOVETRACK is the answer.

For just £59 (then £3 per month for the V-Bag service fee), you simply clip the tracker to your bag, and then mark ‘Safe Zones’ to specify exactly where your bag should be, and you’ll receive instant alerts straight to your phone if the tracker leaves the area. With up to four days battery life, plus a durable water and dust-resistant design, you can relax knowing you’ll be able to find your bag exactly where you left it.

Alcatel MOVETRACK is part of the new V by Vodafone range of connected devices. This brings together and connects all kinds of smart devices for every part of your life – allowing you to track or monitor your bag, pet, and even your home while you’re away – all through your smartphone.

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2 Thoughts to “V-Bag by Vodafone – Security in the bag”

  1. Alex Smart

    I think I would rather get a new bag than pay that!!

  2. Neil Constant

    Er, allowing me to track my home? if it leaves a safe zone?
    Can someone explain?

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