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Gardigo UV flight insect shredder Unboxing

reichelt have sent over a Gardigo Flying Insects UV Exterminator 20 m² for us to look at. This catchily titled bug buzzer is a perfectly portable holiday necessity for dealing with irritating insects.

The Gardigo Flying Insektenver killer with on/off switch keeps rooms up to 20 m² free of insects. Mosquitos, Flies, Gnats etc will be drawn of this special UV light and to the lower power the electrodes inside the device Quick humane live trap mice and hygienic them all. You fall into the are included on the bottom drip tray can be emptied and cleaned easily.
Flight Insektenver killer where you want and plug it in. Insects are due to UV lamp attracted and the high-voltage grid kills.
The UV light has compared to LED or blue light a many higher attraction on insects.

Technical details:
Effective range: 20²
Bulb Type: 4 W UV lamp
High Voltage: 1600 V
Nominal voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
Gardigo Flying Insects UV Exterminator 20 m²


This Gardigo UV flying insect annihilator Is available from reichelt for €16,95.

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