Dux iPad Case Unboxing

The Dux iPad Case is an impressive case for the money. These iPad cases are a good looking alternative for protecting your shiny Apple toy. Dux has a design philosophy is to enhance the slim and sleek character of the tablet while adding a few “that’s cool” features along the way. STM has a fitted tablet case or bag for your iPad, no matter the model. Even if you are an idiot and get your iPad model mixed up. Check out the range from STM here: https://www.stmgoods.com/collections/dux-collection/ Image already added

ROCCAT Titan Switch – tactile and fast

ROCCAT presents the Titan Switch Tactile, the first mechanical switch designed in-house in cooperation with TTC, a leading manufacturer in its field. The Titan Switch Tactile is the perfect synthesis of competitive speed, first-class typing feel and striking aesthetics. ROCCAT’s challenge was to make a more responsive and swift switch. The first step was to reduce the actuation point from 2 to 1.8 mm, keeping in focus the quality feel of the keystroke. In addition, the switch bouncing time was reduced by 20%, this was achieved by optimizing the ROCCAT…