F-Secure Sense Review – The best online security?

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Is your smart home safe? Let SENSE take over! Trojans, Malicious spyware, Botnets are just some of the potential threats to your home network.  Many people are unaware that these threats can infiltrate your home network by a simple click on a website that like a cyber landmine could have a catastrophic effect on your digital self.  Credit card details, access to your personal documents, photographs anything that you have online that is of value can be taken remotely in seconds. This is truly frightening and the attitude this will never…

NEW Vodafone Smart E8 now available

The NEW Vodafone Smart E8 is now available at Vodafone UK (www.vodafone.co.uk) in Slate Blue. Bringing you a 4G smartphone for the price of a 3G handset (just £49 on Pay as you go), the Vodafone Smart E8 is a great device for keeping in touch with friends and family because its antenna is tuned to Vodafone’s fast and reliable network. The Vodafone Smart E8 features everything from a unibody casing, slick side keys and a micro-etched design to a 5-inch Full Wide Visual LCD screen and a second microphone for…

IFROGZ Impulse Duo Unboxing

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IFROGZ have sent over a pair of the new Impulse Duo Wireless earphones. Featuring dual, dynamic 6mm neodymium drivers in each earbud (12mm total per earbud) with should deliver a crisp, robust soundscape. IFROGZ says that dual driver earbuds are popular with audiophiles as they allow each driver to be tuned differently to more accurately reproduce a wider sound range. This provides deep bass, rich mids and clear highs in one package. To purchase, check out their official website here